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The primary mission of the Society is to bring the people from all over the world together in order to bridge the gap between development and use of digital technologies. This mission can only be accomplished through sharing of ideas, education and knowledge development, sharing of research and engaging in joint research.

Thus, GDBS academic group welcomes individuals from all professions, especially those from academia, technology/ software development business and government who have an interest in digital business strategies, policies and practices, E-Governance, CRM, data mining and management, and other topics relating to electronic environment.

Among other missions of this professional organization named, International Digital Business Society, are

To share and stimulate research in digital business, e-business, or other applications in the digital or electronic environment.

To enhance understanding, knowledge, training and scholarship in e-business or digital business or online business characterized by dynamic technologies including computing and networking technologies, the Internet. Toward this end, GDBS aims to organize conferences all over the world and provide executive training programs.

To examine the conceptual and practical implications of digital technologies for businesses, both profit and not-for-profit.

To identify technological developments and trends and their social, political, legal and economic implications worldwide.

To create and provide interdisciplinary dialogues between and among academician, business practitioners, government entities and public policy-makers throughout the world.

To explore pedagogical issues and ideas relating to digital business and environment.

To enhance business vision, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and globalization.

In order to accomplish such missions/objectives, GDBS plans and organizes numerous activities, including holding conferences and publishing journals and books.

Starting March 2006, the Journal of Digital Business will be published. Dr. Rajendar K. Garg, Editor of JDB, is looking for contributions for future issues of this journal. Please contact garg@GDBS.ORG for further information and information about Journal of Digital Business.

We invite educators, researchers, students, practitioners, government officials and public policy makers to participate in our numerous activities. There are no membership dues. Anybody can join simply by writing to us. Those with an expertise in e-business/digital business area are particularly invited to serve on our editorial board as reviewer of papers and for our conferences.