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Call for Papers

Journal of Digital Business invited manuscripts from authors relating to theory and practical aspects of electronic business. The Journal of Digital Business is now published once a year in January every year. The first issue of Volume 1 of the journal was published in December 2006. The journal utilizes a double-blind review process and is listed in the CABELLíS directory.


To enhance knowledge, understanding, training and scholarship in e-business/e-commerce that individuals must have to succeed in rapidly changing global, competitive environment.

To share and stimulate research in a variety of electronic commerce areas and topics.

To explore pedagogical/training approaches and issues

To provide a dialogue between and among academicians, practitioners, and policymakers

To identify dynamic technological trends and their social, political and economic implications worldwide

To create cross or interdisciplinary, integrated forums to benefit individuals in different business disciplines -- marketing, finance, accounting, computer & information systems, production & operations management, purchasing & procurement, human resource management, R & D, etc.

Your paper may include topics listed below or any other relevant topic.

E-Business Models/Theories/Conceptual Frameworks
New & Old Economy -Similarities & Differences
E-Commerce Strategies & Tactics
E-Commerce Infrastructure & Technologies
Electronic Markets
E-Tailing/B2C (Business to Consumer)
B2B (Business to Business)
C2C (Consumer to Consumer)
C2B (Consumer to Business)
Nonprofit E-Commerce
Intranet / Intra-organizational E-Commerce
Online Consumer & Business Behavior & Decision-Making
Online Market Research/Data-Mining
E-Communications and Advertising
Relationship Marketing/ One-2-One Marketing
Web Design & Management
Electronic Funds Transfer & Payment Systems
E-Commerce Security
Product/Service- specific E-Business/ Case Studies
E-Commerce in Developed 16 Nations
E-Commerce in Underdeveloped/Developing Nations
Legal, Political, Ethical, Privacy Issues
History of E-Commerce
Future of E-Business - Trends, Forecasts, Prediction

Format of the submitted documents must match the guidelines on the GDBS website. Please review the instructions to the authors prior to the submission of your paper at Please note the GDBS has instituted a publication fee of $200 to defray the cost of printing.  This fee will be charged after acceptance of your paper for publication by the Journal. There is no fee for the review process. Please submit an electronic copy of your manuscript in word format to the Editor (Dr. Rajendar Garg) via email (Garg@IUP.Edu). Please review the instructions to the authors prior to the submission of your paper.