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Guidelines To Authors


The following instructions must be followed by authors for submitting their manuscripts to the Journal of Digital Business.

ORIGINAL ARTICLES ONLY: Submission of a manuscript by authors to the Journal of Digital Business represents a certification by them that the work contained in the manuscript is original, and that neither the manuscript nor any version of it has been previously published or under consideration by any other publication simultaneously.

MANUSCRIPT LENGTH: Your manuscript may be no longer than 20-25 pages typed double-spaced. The limit of 25 pages includes figures, tables, references and abstract. More lengthy manuscripts may be considered, but only at the discretion of the Editor. The Editor will carefully assess the value and contribution of the article to the overall dissemination of knowledge in the field in making such a decision. Sometimes lengthier manuscripts may be considered if they can be divided into sections which may be submitted for publication under different titles in successive journal issues.

MANUSCRIPT STYLE: References, citations, and general style of manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Digital Business should follow the style used by American Marketing Association for its many journals such as, Journal of Marketing. References should be placed in alphabetical order at the end of the article.



Margins: Leave at least a one-inch margins on all four sides.

Paper and/or Electronic version: Authors are required to submit at least 3 copies of the manuscript on paper, and an electronic version via an email attachment using Microsoft Windows Word software (rtf format) and send it to

Cover Page: Important Staple a cover page to the manuscript indicating only the article title (used for anonymous refereeing). Second “Title Page”, which should not be stapled to the manuscript, should include full authorship information.

ABSTRACT page should follow the second “Title Page” and should have 100-150 words abstract.

 The manuscript should be free of all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Inconsistencies: Please be sure that you are consistent in the use of abbreviations, terminology, and reference citations throughout your paper. When you use an abbreviation for the first time, please write it in full within brackets. For example, BEM (Big Emerging Markets).

TABLES, FIGURES AND DRAWINGS: All tables, figures, illustrations, etc. should be embedded in the electronic version at the appropriate place within the text of the article. In the paper version, they should be appended to the article at the end.

ALTERATIONS: Often, a manuscript may be accepted by the Editor contingent upon satisfactory inclusion of changes mandated by anonymous referees and members of the Editorial Review Board. If the Editor returns your manuscript for such revisions, you are responsible for having the appropriate sections of the paper revised and altered.

Examples of References:

Journal Article: One Author

Garg, Rajendar K. (1996), “The Influence of positive and negative wording and issue involvement on reponses to likert scales in Marketing Research”, Journal of the Market Research Society, Vol. 38, No. 3, 235-246.

Journal Article: Multiple Authors

Chan, Kenny K. and Rajendar K. Garg (2005), “Patterns of Consumer Decision Making Processes used by Online Consumers,” Journal of E-Business, Vol. 5, Issue 1.

REPRINTS: Upon publication, the senior author will receive one complimentary copy of the Journal of Digital Business in the paper format. It would take approximately 10-12 weeks for the preparation of the reprints. For more copies, the authors would be able to download articles from the electronic version.

COPYRIGHT: If your manuscript is accepted for publication, copyright ownership must be officially transferred to the Global Digital Business Society. Global Digital Business Society retains all copyrights over all content published in the Journal of Digital Business. The Editor’s acceptance letter will include a form fully explaining this. This form must be signed by all authors and returned to the author at this time. Failure to return the copyright form in a timely fashion will result in delay of your manuscript in the Journal.